Cinemax’s “The Knick” In SubConscious Syndication: (& Clive Owen Is Always Welcome In My Bed-R.E.M.)

Last night I dreamt about The Knick- a new, much-touted show on Cinemax. 

I’m not surprised I dreamt about it last night, because I watched it right before I went to bed.  But I mean… holy instant syndication! I’d just watched this episode (Episode 3, “The Busy Flea”) and here it was again!

Lucky for me it happens to be a show I love. And this is saying a LOT. You see, I make my living as an actress.  I don’t love ANY tv shows.  At least, not the ones with actors in them.  Unless the actors are already dead- like I Love Lucy or something like that; shows in which it would be literally impossible for me to be cast in a role.  I’m far too neurotic about my career as an actress to feel “relaxed” when watching other actors acting in roles I could’ve gotten. And yes, I said I’m an ACTRESS.  Not an ACTOR.  Why?  Because I have BOOBIES, that’s why! DEAL with tit!

There I was, all snug in my bed, drifting into REM sleep, and here comes Clive Owen.  Dreeeeeeamy Clive Owen.

Clive Owen is always welcome in my bed-R.E.M

The show is just so damn GOOD. And even if it WEREN’T, historical dramas and period pieces in general are like my porn, so, I say, “Keep it comin’ Soderbergh!” 

Another reason to love it? It’s one of the few medical shows on tv that is accurate in it’s depiction of medical procedures, instruments, etc.  It’s historical and medical accuracy is ON POINT. My bro-in-law is a top surgeon with a penchant for surgical history, & even HE has given it five stars for accuracy.

Take THAT, “Marcus Welby, MD!” 

Okay, full disclosure?  I’m actually in an episode of The Knick– in episode eight. I get to play the kick-ass role of Fionnula Sears- drunk, racist, Irish grandmother! It should air at the end of September.

Talk about re-runs... I'd just watched this scene on tv right before bed. And here it was again!

Holy instant syndication! I’d just watched this scene on tv right before bed. And here it was again!

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