Day 7: The World’s Smallest Sound

I’m attempting 365 Characters In 365 Days, my (so far about 180) hats are off to you, Zurbo! This was so beautiful! Cheers,
Mary Birdsong

365 kids books in 365 days

The World’s Smallest Sound


Matt Zurbo

Some boys liked blue, some girls pink. Some girls liked black, some boys liked orange. Cielo was dreamy. She liked to listen to noise.

The tick of her clock at night was like the sound of an old friend.

She would imagine the barking dogs were really wolves, prowling through the snow.

When the play group lady asked her kids to choose their own treasure hunt, Oscar decided to collect photos of the best cars. Lilah was going to gather pretty leaves.

Cielo mumbled to her; “I’m going to see if I can find the world’s smallest sound.”  

At the zoo, Cielo found a TINY bird. (On an elephant’s back). But up close… it was LOUD!

Cielo didn’t bother to think of small sounds around the bully. He was like a foghorn! But his mouth released the smallest gasp when girls passed…

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