Mirth. Madness. Magic Markers.


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I started drawing my dreams each morning to help me remember them.  And then I got carried away.

I was obsessed with drawing as a kid.  OBSESSED!  

And then I just stopped.

For a long long time.

But about ten years ago I started drawing again. Occasionally.  I started drawing my dreams.

Now it is nearly compulsive.  I don’t just LIKE to do it.  I HAVE to do it.  I feel like maybe that thing happened to me where someone (like an illiterate coal-miner or something) gets dropped on his head, and then when he regains consciousness, BOOM!  He’s a concert pianist.  You’ve seen this, right?  Cuz it’s a thing.  Trust me.  Then there’s that other guy in England who never held a paintbrush in his life, and then BAM!  He can’t stop painting.  Like… to the point where he’s covered every surface in his apartment – every wall, every inch of ceiling- in awesome, bizarre paintings. SEVERAL TIMES OVER.  Every wall has multiple layers. Now, I’m not saying that my humble doodles are on par with an expertly played piano concerto, or a beautifully executed landscape on canvas, but it’s still bizarre to me that it’s just kind of consumed me. 

1 Comments on “Mirth. Madness. Magic Markers.”

  1. Hello!

    I’m an indie author and host of a podcast that seeks to determine the link between dreams and food called, “To Eat, Perchance to Dream!” It’s a lighthearted, humorous attempt to see what foods influence dreams and how. We talk a lot about dreams, and I think you would be a perfect guest for the show.

    I would only need about thirty minutes of your time via Google Hangouts, and the questions and conversations will be very loose and informal. Mostly about how you became interested in dreams, a few of your most memorable dreams, and how you were inspired to turn your dreams into art.

    It would be amazing if you could grace us with your presence–of course, on your own schedule. If you’re interested, please reply to my email at nategutman.author@gmail.com. Thanks!


    Nate Gutman

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