Oh Waiter? There’s A Boob In My Soup!

…I wound up putting her boobs IN the soup bowl because Facebook has given me sh** recently for (GASP!) nipples; yessssss….. for showing the dreaded nipple in a drawing or two. So thanks Zuckerberg! (No wonder kids are now saying Facebook is for “old people.”

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Cinemax’s “The Knick” In SubConscious Syndication: (& Clive Owen Is Always Welcome In My Bed-R.E.M.)

Holy instant syndication! I’d just watched this scene from The Knick on Cinemax right before bed. And here it was again! In my dream! (Luckily, it’s an amazing show).
And Clive Owen is always welcome in my bed-REM.

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Sparkly Belts and Cobalt Blue (dream drawing 06.07.14)

marybirdsong on Instagram. Continuation of this dream’s imagery/storyline, with special guest star by TV’s Eric Gilliland!

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