Blackish Dreams From A White-ish Girl (Featuring Laurence Fishburne!)

  I shall elaborate later, but below is a different shot of the same drawing so you can read some details about the dream, the gist of which seemed to be:  Laurence Fishburne is seated on a bus, across the aisle from the bus driver. I am seated further back. In order to get OFF […]

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Cinemax’s “The Knick” In SubConscious Syndication: (& Clive Owen Is Always Welcome In My Bed-R.E.M.)

Holy instant syndication! I’d just watched this scene from The Knick on Cinemax right before bed. And here it was again! In my dream! (Luckily, it’s an amazing show).
And Clive Owen is always welcome in my bed-REM.

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