I Pushed Too Hard On My Eyeball & 5 Dreams Popped Out

I was just trying to wash off some “walk of shame” mascara that should’ve been removed the night before and I guess I must’ve rubbed scrubbed a little too hard. (Who, me? Yeah. Me.) I’m a penitent scrubber. When I scrub my body clean I’m downright Catholic about it (and I’m not a practicing Catholic). If I unleash the dreaded lufah or pumice stone on my sinful skin? It’s gonna be a while. The upside? When I exfoliate in the shower I swear I lose five pounds. THAT’S how hard I scrub. When this happened on a particularly pudgy day last week I realized “Hey! I’m not fat. I’m just really really filthy! Hooray! (Scrub scrub scrub. Scrape scrape scrape.) IMG_0785.JPG
It explains how I managed to unleash the depths of my subconscious just by removing sixteen layers of spackled-on, crusty old Tammy Faye Baker mascara.
So pay attention, dreamers! You just never know when the fountain from
DreamLand will burst forth, or what might trigger it. But when it DOES, put down that lufah and grab it. 🙂 Happy Dreaming y’all.

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