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After Michelle Obama Crowned “DNC Prom Queen,” Melania Trump Calls “Do-Over” on Speech 

“When they go low, we get high!” Wait… I mean…Here are some musings about the very tasteful Michelle Obama and a couple of tasteLESS videos I made of her poor, evil, Slovenian Step-sister… Melania.

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The Lady In Red (A Google-Search Gal That Inspired)

Those Mad Men minxes are all such delicate flowers (okay well maybe not Christina Hendricks, but …) No, ya know WHAT? Even SHE (crazy-sexy, gorgeous, towering inferno though she is) still has that delicate flower quality. YOU know what I’m talking about– she’s the “I never try too hard” girl. THAT’S what I mean by “delicate flower.” Dress size actually has very little to do with it. Even if I were a size zero I wouldn’t be a “delicate flower.”

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Cinemax’s “The Knick” In SubConscious Syndication: (& Clive Owen Is Always Welcome In My Bed-R.E.M.)

Holy instant syndication! I’d just watched this scene from The Knick on Cinemax right before bed. And here it was again! In my dream! (Luckily, it’s an amazing show).
And Clive Owen is always welcome in my bed-REM.

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