When Daddy Wuddn’t There, The Coca-Cola Alweez Wuzz

Technically the blog police should arrest me for posting this drawing on here. I’m sorry- What was that?  “No such thing as the blog police,” you say? (Long, knowing chuckle) Oh, trust me.  There’s a blog police.  On the bloody, bloggy streets of BlogTown we call ’em ‘BLOG NARCS.’ Or occasionally just BLARCS. Drawn from a […]

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Cinemax’s “The Knick” In SubConscious Syndication: (& Clive Owen Is Always Welcome In My Bed-R.E.M.)

Holy instant syndication! I’d just watched this scene from The Knick on Cinemax right before bed. And here it was again! In my dream! (Luckily, it’s an amazing show).
And Clive Owen is always welcome in my bed-REM.

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Safe. Not Safe.

Speech Bubbles: Unseen guy: “OK, dude, you got this. Easy does it… Yup. THERE ya go. 21… 22… Now left. You got it, Mike!” Me: “I probably shouldn’t be hearing this. Oh well. Too late now. Not my bad.” Russian lady on left: “Comrade… I should warn you… As woman: It so cold in facility, […]

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