DREAM SCIENCE: Scientists Figure Out What U See While You’re Dreaming

Scientists Figure Out What You See While You’re Dreaming | Science | Smithsonian. by Joseph Stromberg

(Please say the following line in an “Irish cop from Bugs Bunny cartoon” voice… YOU know the one I mean, the guy who goes “Ya might, Rabbit! Ya might.”)

Reeeeeally… DID they now?  Ya don’t say… So these scientist folks can see what I dream before I do? Ain’t that somethin.’

Well then did they see THIS!!?IMG_0784IMG_1707-0.JPG







oh never mind….

Okay, of course it’s cool that scientists have this (60%) ability, but most of the fun for ME isn’t the dreams THEMSELVES (or predicting them) so much as the DISCOVERY of what I dreamt when I wake up the next morning.  I mean… that’s like waking up on Christmas to see what the Subconscious Santa brought you; or like when I was a kid taking pictures with a Kodak instamatic camera.

You couldn’t see the pictures right away. You had to drop off your Kodak film cartridge at a little booth in a parking lot somewhere, or send it off to some mysterious mail-order service that advertised in the old paperback-size TV Guide:

And then you had to…





wait some more.

Then about a week or two later- you’d open up that bright yellow envelope and it was like a big explosion of happiness in your hands.  And you couldn’t retouch any of ’em.  Back then, “retouching” was basically throwing them in the trash.

Sigh… I’m 46 years old now, and the TV Guide magazine is way too big (like a normal magazine), but I ain’t knockin’ photoshop or Instagram filters or airbrushing.  I NEEEEED that shit now!

But here’s a better assignment for you, scientists.  Are you listening?  Here’s what I want you to figure out how to do— make some kind of cloaking device that will allow us all to walk around in our own personal “airbrushed” bubble. I know, I know… probably a long way off.  Until then, I will dream on, sweet dreamers. 🙂

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