Gallery Girls (Gee, This Doesn’t Look Fun At All)

I think we can all agree that there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look the eeeeeensiest bit cuter in a silver spandex space-suit, or as I like to call it…


Gallery Girls » Drink n Draw with Gallery Girls: “International Space Exploration” theme @the Other Door (4/12/15) $15.

Especially if those silver “Space-Spanx™” have built-in “Fuck Me” pumps, a see-thru hair globe, and a HEADSET!


The reason I have a photo of myself dressed like this? Um… Hey look over there!! (while I try to think of a normal reason)

gallery girls

The Gallery Girls are many things:

  • hot art models who pose for the lucky artists who get to sketch them
  • a gallery where artists can exhibit their work
  • a forum for drawing classes and workshops
  • they’ll even show up at your swanky-dank party and stand around looking titillating for the right price

How is it possible that I hadn’t heard of them before now?  Well, I am so new to this whole “art” thing that I haven’t been initiated into the fun stuff yet.  I’m not part of any art “scene” (unless you consider sitting at home in my pyjamas, crouched over my big black desk while drawing whatever I dreamt las night a “scene”). So, like anything new, it’s exciting to learn (as I go) what’s out there in the art world–  culturally, intellectually, and even socially.  It takes a LOT (usually a paycheck) to get me to voluntarily leave the house, but this event has done just that.

My whole life I’ve dreamed of being an old-fashioned pin-up girl.

Why HAVE a picnic when you can BE a picnic?

Why HAVE a picnic when you can BE a picnic?

And though that hasn’t happened (YET!) this Gallery Girls event seems like the next best thing.  I mean, if I can’t BE  a pin-up girl?  I’ll draw one. And apparently this is where one goes to do just that.

Pin-up girls look adorable even when they're exhausted!I think this is how it goes down: a bunch of artists sit around drawing the live models, but it’s these very models who sort of “curate” each event- picking a theme that will influence the poses, the costumes, etc.

Fun, right?

I’ll report back after I attend the “International Space Exploration” event on April 12th.  (Maybe that’ll force me to NOT be lame by claiming I’m too tired/busy/cranky to show up once the night arrives).

Pin-up girls are NEVER cranky.

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