Street Level, NYC

Gotta post these dream drawings  here more often.  Posting “art” on my Facebook page is too seductive. Too easy. Posting art on Facebook is like demanding all the customers at your Popeye’s Fried Chicken franchise read a poem first before they’re allowed to order their hush puppies.  So I’ll try, but venturing beyond the mob-mentality […]

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DREAM SCIENCE: Scientists Figure Out What U See While You’re Dreaming

It’s crazy cool that scientists have this (60% of the time) ability, but most of the fun for ME isn’t the dreams THEMSELVES so much as the DISCOVERY of what I dreamt when I wake up the next morning. Like in the 70s when you had to drop your Kodak film off at a little booth or send it off to some mail-order developing service and… WAIT.

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