Dreambook Mash-Up! It’s a Zany ZeitGeist Explosion-ganza!

Dreamless - in NY

Dreamless – in NY

There is so muchdreambook in the zeitgeist right now!  In fact I’ve never SEEN more zeit orrrrr more geist in one week! First up on le menu:


I just happened to get an email from my friend Annette, announcing a solo show duo she’s duo-ing.  (Is that a thing? A solo show duo? Yup. But is it a solo show?  A duo show?  A duo of solo shows? Math is hard.) Anyway, one of ’em is titled “DREAMLESS.”  So If you’re in NYC this Spring, check out a theatrical double bill that will fill your belly with comedy yumminess. Your main course will be Cheryl Smallman’s “Dreamless.”


Pregnant- in NY

But to start things off, you’ll get a delicious appetizer: “It Ain’t Pretty,” written and performed by Annette Guarrasi. Oh, and did I mention they also serve WINE at the show??? Cuz they (hiccup) do.  Yer welcome. And since that Annette Guarrasi is just as cute as a little fava bean… How about a nice chianti*?

To get more info on the show, click the photo for Dreamless or It Ain’t Pretty.

*Warning: Do not eat Annette Guarrasi or her liver. 
You will be tempted to cuz she's so cute. Don't.


Oren Saurus says "Dreaming is like playing video games in your sleep!"

Oren Saurus says “Dreams are like playing video games while asleep!”

If you haven’t been to the birdsongdreambook facebook page, you’re missing so much!  There must be at least 1500 dream drawings I have photographed and catalogued on there.  So, if you can’t sleep some night, there’s THAT…

And one of my fave facebook followers is the always astute Oren Saurus. (See his quote to the left)

DREAMS ARE IN THE BLOGOSPHERE! Dreams are trending, people! Check out this AWESOME blog post by Gabrielle Moss on Bustle.com:

OMG I hate my arms in this pic. (If only)

I bet I totally look this hot (yet serene)  when I am dreaming. #DreamOn

Why Can’t You Remember Your Dreams? 5 Questions About Dream Recall Answered

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