Just Another Sunshower? The Slow-Mo Satisfaction Buzz

Why is using the slow-mo feature in a video post so damn satisfying? Oh, well…. I dunno. There's the controllllll thing I guess. Right?

With less and less "free time" at our disposal, and an annoying Greek chorus of so-called "productivity experts*" constantly nipping at our heels, no WONDER we thrill at the chance to stop time for 15 seconds or so. We had an…


I DID that shit!


Oh wait… did I schedule that heady feeling of unbridled slow-mo power?


No, I did not.
Now I'm gonna have to totally redo my emotional epiphany spreadsheet for the week.
(Continues to scroll thru a hypnotizing carousel of photo filters til age 87…)

*Productivity Experts? (myself included) All we really are is a bunch of airbrushed time management Nazis with app-sticks up our app-asses desperately hoping in secret that someone smarter than us will come along and tell us we ARE doing it all wrong and here's how to fix it.
No one knows.
No one.
PS I haven't slept for over 48 hours and I'm STILL behind.

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