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Just Another Sunshower? The Slow-Mo Satisfaction Buzz

Why is using the slow-mo feature in a video post so damn satisfying? Oh, well…. I dunno. There's the controllllll thing I guess. Right? With less and less "free time" at our disposal, and an annoying Greek chorus of so-called "productivity experts*" constantly nipping at our heels, no WONDER we thrill at the chance to […]

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What Does Your Fave Filter Choice Say About You? 

Heck if I know… But on Instagram, I am partial to the “LoFi” filter, and LoFi has a very saturated and contrasty look, which is my wont. What does that say about me? I bet if Freud still had a shingle up somewhere in 2016, he’d be making strong assertions about the personality traits of […]

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