Sated Sadie, Single Lady

One response to this dream drawing that has stayed with me is:

“Cool, she can make lettuce with her cooch!”IMG_1908.JPGYes, exactly what I was going for.

Still, could he be onto something?
I decided years ago that having children was not for me, but could I harbor some deep-seeded desire to give birth to a happy, healthy, salad bar?
Could my dreams be telling me to eat more veggies? To make an appointment with my cooch doctor? Or to just make a salad bar with my cooch?
All you can eat.
I didn’t THINK I was drawing lettuce. I thought I was drawing a blanket. A bright, green blanket that would conveniently COVER her cooch.
How very “lapsed Catholic” of me.

Then again, I DO love the occasional crouton. Some bacon bits…

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