Technicolor Trifecta: 3 Dreams 4 U

I haven’t posted any dream drawings in a while, so I’m posting three at once. That’s just like me – to disappear quietly and then reappear days later with a flair and try to win back your trust and admiration by desperately overcompensating with lots of home-made presents- posting too much in one sitting.
This one is called “A Bridge To A Bridge” IMG_1863.JPG
And here we have “Heathen Hannah”IMG_1876.JPG
And lastly, “Software Update: OS
Raccoon!” IMG_1858.JPGSeriously… I really could post a dream drawing every DAY, but would you even WANT that? Let me know what you think. I truly am interested. Weekly? Your call.
Thank you for coming here and please subscribe! Repost! I need you!
— Mary

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