Strained Glass Window

Stained glass windows are beautiful, to be sure, but (as far as functionality goes) they’re not ideal if you actually want to see what’s on the other side of them. Any “true” window knows enough to get out of the way and let you see who might be approaching outside the building, and get an accurate image of what the intruder looks like. But not a stained glass window. A stained glass window says demandingly, “Look at MEEEEE!”
I was raised by a beautiful stained glass window.IMG_1963.JPGLuckily, I discovered that the window from whence I came has three teeeeeny-tiny glass panes in it which are void of any color or decoration, through which one can occasionally catch precious glimpses of…
This secret knowledge is how I managed to maintain the miracle of NORMALCY.
A SMALL but significant degree of it, anyway. Just enough to hold all the crazy colored glass in place.

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