Street Level, NYC

Gotta post these dream drawings  here more often.  Posting “art” on my Facebook page is too seductive. Too easy. Posting art on Facebook is like demanding all the customers at your Popeye’s Fried Chicken franchise read a poem first before they’re allowed to order their hush puppies. 

So I’ll try, but venturing beyond the mob-mentality confines  of Facebook’s “Alone/NotAloneLand” is scary. It’s vulnerable.  

You know what it is? It’s moving out to the end of the subway line in Brooklyn and asking your Manhattan friends to stop by for coffee. Even if they like YOU better than their other (Manhattan-dwelling) friends, they are way more likely to hang out with them than with you.

Traveling  solo into the untethered, virtual isolation of WordPress’ Bloggerland feels so… lonely.  If you happen to be a friend or a fan who I normally interact with on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and you’re reading this HERE- out here in the Brooklyn boonies, please comment if you feel so inspired. Walk with me on the social media “road less tweeted.”   


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