Oh Waiter? There’s A Boob In My Soup!

Oh, waiter?  There's a boob in my soup.

Oh, waiter? There’s a boob in my soup.

For those who are new to this blahhhhg, here’s the gist: Every morning w/o fail I draw whatever I dreamt the night before.  I use magic markers, nail polish, and white-out, and they’re all in a big bound black sketch book. Kay?  K. Now…

Today’s Dream Drawing features soup, boobs, and a sick lady.  I don’t really care what those symbols are SUPPOSED to mean.  Don’t put much stock (pardon the pun) in those universal dream symbol interpretations.  But the words within this dream drawing DO interest me.  They’re kind of hard to read, though, so allow me… “She thought she was gonna be sick, til she realized she already was.”  

A strange sentiment to be sure. But I kind of get it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve invested hours & hours of worrying into some future event (both those of the “real” variety and those I only IMAGINED might happen) only to realize later that the worrying I did was far worse than the events themselves.  The lesson?


That soup special comes w/one “trivia tit-bit”:

The only reason I wound up putting her boobs IN the soup bowl in this drawing is because Facebook has given me shit recently for (GASP!) nipples; yessssss….. for showing the dreaded nipple in a drawing or two. And I’m too tired and too old to fight the good fight.  Besides– restrictions like this often lead to wonderfully quirky choices we never would’ve considered or just plain wandered into had “the man” not been holding us back. So thanks Zuckerberg!

Wait!  Real quick- I’m-onna learn ya sumpin  ‘for ya go, son!  

Tonight I learned that the study of dreams is called ONEIROLOGY!  (Who knew???) And I’d like to thank this guy (Hank Green) for learnin’ me about it on “Crash Course.”  Check out his video below:

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