The Lady In Red (A Google-Search Gal That Inspired)

Weeee! I feel pretty! Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and dizzy and whiiiiiiiite! This is the once-wildly-popular dance move known as the “Caucasian Twirl.”


Ha ha! You’re nah-oht me-eee!

Today’s Daily DreamDrawing is: “The Lady In Red.” She was one of the photos that came up in a Google Images search I did a while back. She wasn’t what I needed at the time, but she was so pretty I put her on my desktop as my screen-saver. Then I wound up dreaming her and drawing her, too.

We are so NOT delicate flowers! Shut UP! OK well we ARE but, oh never you MIND!

That Google image gal is everything I long to be…

Why the veil? They say 90% of your body heat escapes through your head, so…

and a mash-up of everything I (sadly) am NOT. A cross between the minxes of Mad Men and the Barbaras of Eden (“I Dream Of Jeannie” edition).

Yeah I’m dainty. What! ? Choo got a prollum?

They’re all such delicate flowers (okay well maybe not Christina Hendricks, but…) No, ya know WHAT?  Yes- even SHE (crazy-sexy, gorgeous, towering inferno though she is) still has that delicate flower quality.  YOU know what I’m talking about– she’s the “I never try too hard” girl.  THAT’S what I mean by “delicate flower.” Dress size actually has very little to do with it.

I’m so NOT a delicate twirling flower.  But that’s okay.  That’s why drawing (or acting) is so great– it lets me become a delicate twirling flower, but only for however long it takes me to draw her. And that’s more than enough time spent trapped in someone else’s body- no matter HOW GREAT that body looks on the outside. Because one never knows what is INSIDE someone else’s outsides. It might be HORRIFYING to be inside there.  It’s like my Fairy God-sponsor used to say:


Pssst! If you like the piece I linked to above in Rolling Stone Magazine (hint: you have to click on the magical “minxes of Mad Men” link to read it, check out this awesome new book by the same author, Rob Sheffield: Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals Of Love and Karaoke

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