Of Missing BeeGees, Lost Gibbs, & Jiminy Glick

Of Missing BeeGees &
Lost Gibbs  
I dreamt that I’d run into my friend Martin Short in NYC’s Columbus Circle, but he had shoulder-length, wavy, golden blond hair like Andy Gibb. He looked so healthy, radiant & young that I said “Geez, Marty- what-are-you, the Lost Gibb Brother or something? You look fantastic!”

Why Columbus Circle? Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that Donald Trump has something to do with it.  I was watching CNN (or what I think is now called “TrumpNN?”) last night before bed. So Trump has now managed to not only get all the media coverage to be had in the waking world, but he’s managed to hog all the airtime in my sleeping sub-conscious brain too. Trump Plaza is located at Columbus Circle, which is why (I’m sure) my brain set the dream in that particular location.

Oh, The Donald! 

THE Donald.

I think I’m gonna make people start calling me “The Mary.” It’s impressive to have the “the” in front of your name. It’s like “The Bronx.” The Bronx has the distinction of being the only borough in New York City that is referred to with the “the” in front of it. You never say “The Brooklyn” or “The Queens.” Unless maybe you’re fresh off the boat from Armenia.

“Excusing me, nice lady… You speak me the method of transport to The Queens?” 

Nope. Just “The Bronx.” The Bronx is special. But… who wants to go THERE?

(ps the Bronx is actually one of the coolest, purest neighborhoods in all of New York City- not as corrupted by corporate homogeny and mediocre whiteness. Check out Anthony Bourdain’s special on the Bronx if you don’t believe me. It’s awesome.) 

Lastly- Why am I APOLOGIZING TO A BOROUGH?  I’ve actually managed to be codependent with a borough. This is some steroid-injected form of people-pleasing, taken to a whole new level. 

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