2010- A Bizarre DreamYear

 I found some old journals this morning and came across this entry from 2010. And I realized while flipping through these personal tree-rings of mine that there are SO MANY dreams I still haven’t catalogued, haven’t photographed- these journals go back to 1986!  

I’m looking forward to putting them all in chronological order- all in one big bookcase- as sort of an altar-  paying homage to all the trees who gave their lives so that my private-est, secret-est, sillyest and sacredest thoughts could be recorded somewhere outside of the fatty tissue between my ears. None of these journals (and their many dream drawings) would exist without those trees. The pages are MADE of trees. The bookcase is too! 

And when looked at on the shelves, in order, all arranged back to back, squished in tightly together like wedding guests in a group shot,  my journals really do start to resemble the rings of a giant oak tree.  You can calculate the age of a tree by splitting it open & counting it’s rings. And scientists can even calculate how well (or how poorly) Mother Nature was treating a tree by examining the width of each ring- indicating how much it was able to grow each year.   

One can calculate MY age by counting the number of journals on my shelf (but, thankfully NOT by splitting me open). On average, each journal represents about one month of my life. And since I started keeping a journal at the age of 18, do the math (I’m 47, by the way).

Oh what “word problem” fun! 

If Mary is 18 years old, and fills a new journal every month until the age of 47, how many journals will she have? Show all work.

(I want so badly to do that thing where I put an asterisk there and write *See end of blog post for answer. And then at the bottom I type the answer upside down, but I don’t know how to do that.)


The answer? 348 journals. (But I’ll have to confirm this later, when I can ship the rest of my old journals out here to LA from the storage warehouse in NJ where they currently reside.) 

I know what you’re thinking:

Jersey? What exit?

Oh, reader… that was baaaaaad.

Exit 63.

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