BOREDOM: When You’re A Maker, Ain’t No Such Thing

I haven’t posted here in a while, so I’m making up for lost time with a BUNCH of dream drawings. girl laying innocently, yet topless, on a bed with her cat


These days, at least for most Americans, it’s become an epidemic (which makes no sense when you consider all the gadgetry and techno-toys we have at our fingertips 24/7). 

Luckily there’s a cure. It’s cheap (in fact, it’s FREE) and it never breaks! NEH. VER. Never-ever-evuh!  

This is particularly great because it means you won’t have to buy one of those obnoxious two-year warranties the super-stores are so keen on offering us these days. (I love how it’s always put to the shopper in such a way as to make us feel LUCKY:)

Ma’am, before I take over two hundred dollars of your money (for this piece of shit printer), I’m going to extend to you an exciting opportunity: If you pay an extra sixty dollars, we’ll totally fix this piece of shit for you when it brakes, which you and I both know it will. Soon.
Would you like to do that today, Ma’am?


No, actually. Actually, no. No, I would not like to do that, Ma’am.
How ’bout this exciting opportunity instead…
How ’bout everybody starts making & selling stuff that’s built to LAST, instead of pretending like we’re being given this great deal where you not only sell me a piece of shit to begin with, but you offer me this exclusive “Anh-hanh!!!-you-just-bought-a-piece-of-shiii-iiit” fee.

How bout THAT?

sad looking girl on a highbar stool with real purple flowers

There was a lot of talk in the last presidential election about turning  America back into a country that MAKES things instead of just consuming things. I think that’s a swell idea. And you know what they say: Manufacturing starts at HOME. 

(They don’t say that.)

But they SHOULD. 

Our factories are between our ears. They are our imaginations. Not only can our imaginations serve as state-of-the-art factories and laboratories- they’re great, unexplored Egyptian tombs! Tombs that often go undetected for centuries. And these great, dark, dusty treasure chests are often hiding right under our bored, bunion-baring feet while we walk over their riches, complaining about how broke we are).

So the next time you or someone you know is bored- try MAKING something instead of buying something.   


I love you though.

I’m totally not mad.

I’m gonna go see what’s on the QVC.


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