POPCORN PLEASE, WITH EXTRA R.E.M.! (Inside the Company That Wants to Be the Netflix of Lucid Dreaming: Luciding

Would YOU want to control your dreams? Let me know in the comments below.
Inside the Company That Wants to Be the Netflix of Lucid Dreaming
Jun 01, 2016 | 420 videos
Video by MEL Films
To me, half the fun of dreams (and later recounting/recording them through my art) is the LACK of control I have in their content; it’s very freeing and (I think) GOOD for us as a species to relinquish control in a world where we’re becoming more and MORE controlling with each new gadget that comes along.
Every time I go to sleep it’s like some mystical-neurological superpower has given me a free movie. I wouldn’t want to go to the movies if I already knew the ending. Popcorn please!

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