Dreams in Newsweek? Yup.

http://www.newsweek.com/only-dreams-430107I really enjoyed the article (link above) by Alicia Kort in a special edition of Newsweek this month. 

The fact that Newsweek chose to publish such a piece speaks to the fact that the unconscious is no longer being relegated to the distant corners of fringe science or new-agey, public access talk shows in the 3am slot. Dreams and all they encompass (neurologically speaking) are enjoying some mainstream media coverage and even a bit of scientific legitimacy thanks to more methodical studies and advances in brain imaging technology.   I hope to someday play a part in the study of dreams and how they work. I know only this- in the process of writing down my dreams every morning for the last ten years, especially when I expand the journal entry to include a drawing of any images I can remember, SOMETHING about the physical contact between the muscles of my hand and the pen and the paper almost always jiggles loose some tiny plug that is holding all of that water back in the dam. And if that ONE LITTLE PLUG is removed?  

 Gush!!!! Deluge!!! Here comes the flood. And suddenly my hand is racing to keep up with the tsunami of images and storylines tumbling out of my subconscious into my conscious mind. It’s a JOY when this happens and always feels like such a victory. Like forgetting and then remembering that I made five feature films while asleep and now I can keep them on DVDs.  

If anyone reading this has had similar experiences while recording their dreams (especially regarding VISUAL representation of their dreams), please comment below! 

And if you enjoyed this musing, please repost/tweet, etc! 🙂 

Dreaming- it ain’t just faeries and goblins these days. It covers so many areas of study, too- psychology, neuroscience, biology, anthropologie, anesthesiology, and on and on… 

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