To Remember The Dreams You Keep Forgetting, Try Forgetting What You Remember First

Sometimes setting a Google Alert really does pay off. I have one set for “remembering dreams,” which is how I came across this article on– one of the best I’ve read on the topic of dream science (particularly on the ability to recall them) in a long time!  Believe it or not, they are few and far between. Oh, sure, there are tons of articles and websites out there devoted to the topic of dreaming; some even claiming to be scientific, but the majority turn out to be little more than a rehashing of those silly “dream dictionaries” I’d read as a kid.  I’d be excited at first, running my index finger along the alphabetical listings until I got to the word “cow” or “rocket” or “vending machine” or whatever weirdness had been featured the night before, but even at a young age, the one-size-fits-all interpretations those books offered left me feeling not only disappointed, but duped. Conned. And conned-descended to.

dreams- a poem

Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing them down!

So it’s encouraging to see more and more pscycholo-gists, neurolo- gists and researchers  delving deeper and taking advantage of all the advances that brain imaging technology has brought about.

note: if the link above doesn’t work for you, copy and paste this url into your browser:

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