Brian Chenoweth Saves The Day!


You might know him from the new Subaru TV commercial– the kindly looking man in the short-sleeved dress shirt writing notes about the crash-testing car below. I know him as one of the sweetest and most talented guys ever. I had a dream about him…






Big Mama, Big Daddy and BB


Big Mama, Big Daddy and BB (or “My Former Life As a Character In A Tennessee Williams Play”)

Big Mama, Big Daddy & BB [My maternal grandparents- Mary Eleanor Tornwall and James Levert Kimball, aka “Big Mama & Big Daddy,” (we really did call them that) and their awesome maid- Elizabeth “BB” Harris. They all lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Elizabeth & my grandmother Big Mama were together longer than my grandparents were married (which was over 50 years, I think).]

Safe. Not Safe.

Safe. Not Safe. Safe. Not Safe. Speech Bubbles:

Unseen guy: “OK, dude, you got this. Easy does it… Yup. THERE ya go. 21… 22… Now left. You got it, Mike!”

Me: “I probably shouldn’t be hearing this. Oh well. Too late now. Not my bad.”

Russian lady on left:
“Comrade… I should warn you… As woman: It so cold in facility, I do not get the “menstruation” in here. Not for long time. But this normal & okey-dokey.”



Mama’s 3pm Breakfast Tray

A dream from Tuesday night, May 3rd. This was not an uncommon reality when I was young.

If it’s hard to read them, the speech bubbles say:
Mary (standing): Mommy? It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
Mama (in bed): Thank ya, Angel. Just set it on the bed ‘n’ Mama’ll eat somethin in a minute.

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