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Are You A Good Widget? Or a Bad Widget? 

Only BAD widgets are ugly.    EVER FEEL LIKE THIS??? 

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Waiting 4 The Man 2 Float By In the Water

Despite the title, This dream actually has nothing to do with Brian Williams. I dreamt it (and drew it) weeks ago. But I just finished coloring it today, and the scene reminded me of his quote about seeing a dead man float past his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. […]

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When Daddy Wuddn’t There, The Coca-Cola Alweez Wuzz

Technically the blog police should arrest me for posting this drawing on here. I’m sorry- What was that?  “No such thing as the blog police,” you say? (Long, knowing chuckle) Oh, trust me.  There’s a blog police.  On the bloody, bloggy streets of BlogTown we call ’em ‘BLOG NARCS.’ Or occasionally just BLARCS. Drawn from a […]

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